Selecting the Perfect Window and Door Handles for Your Decor

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Naturally, the majority of your focus and thinking when decorating a room is directed into the paint, wallpaper, and furnishings. For this reason, if we focus too much on these factors, we may risk missing important subtleties and ruining the overall impression.

It is often said that the small details determine everything. When renovating a place, many individuals never consider updating these little details, like window and door handles, which may be considered more functional requirements than decorative accents.

Mismatched handles, however, might draw attention to themselves and take away from the room’s overall aesthetic. In light of this, consider the following tips when selecting door and window handles to match your decor:

Complement Your Style

Finding a door or window handle that matches or enhances the space is excellent because there are so many different types available on the market.

Interior door handles with gorgeous glass handles are ideal for a vintage theme, while polished brass handles go well with older spaces that have been brought back to their former splendor.

A timeless alternative like satin chrome may be more appropriate for ultra-sophisticated modern spaces. A chocolate box cottage’s wooden windows can be given a makeover by adding curly “monkey tail” locks that provide an antique appearance.

Material considerations

If you don’t want chrome-plated door and window handles, then don’t get them. As there are numerous materials available for window and door handles, you can select your preferred type.

You can get handles made of anything from stainless steel to wrought iron, zinc, aluminum, ceramics, glass, and UPVC. It may surprise a lot of people to learn that the materials you choose can significantly enhance the color of your design.

What’s the Use?

It is important to keep in mind where the handles will go and how frequently they will be used when selecting the appropriate handle. Some glossy metals, for instance, would need to be cleaned frequently to remove fingerprints, while others might discolor if particular foods or drinks are inadvertently spilled on them.

For example, plastic or matte metal handles may be better suited for doors and windows in a child’s room. It can be made to last for many years by selecting the appropriate handle for the purpose of use.

Consider Size

These small accent pieces aren’t really meant to be the room’s main attraction, which is why they go by that name. It makes sense to choose a design that is appropriate but not dominant.

Even while the size difference might only seem to be a few millimeters, keep in mind that the larger handle may extend the handle’s projection, how far it reaches, and reduce the amount of space available for your fingers to close doors and windows.

It goes without saying that you should know the measurements of your door and/or window before making any handle purchases. An improperly fitting handle may come from estimating the width and length.

Effectively Functional

Selecting an eye-catching pair of handles just for their aesthetic value is pointless. They should perform their intended duty as functional items, which is to open and, when necessary, securely lock doors and windows.

Although it may seem apparent, less expensive latches and knobs could prioritize style above functionality and not lock or close correctly. It is recommended that you do your research and find a reliable manufacturer, like Tianbian, from whom you can buy products of excellent quality.

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