TB-PM200(Without Key Cylinder)

TB-PM200(Without Key Cylinder)
TB-PM200(Without Key Cylinder)

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TB-PM200(Without Key Cylinder)

TB-PM200 (without key cylinder)
No. Name Model No. Quantity Remark
1 panel handle TB-ZM11 1 optional
2 singe point lock block TB-MS25D 1
3 lock catch TB-KB22 1
4 hinge TB-H015A 3
5 lifting block TB-TSK14 1 optional
6 lifting block TB-TSK27 1 optional
Configuration instruction:
1. This system apply to european standard 20 groove aluminum profile.
2. Lock body size should be chosen reffers to profile or our lock body instruciton.
3. Hinge maximun bearing capacity 90kg.
4. The above configuration is for reference only. For specific configuration, please contact with our technical department.

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