TB-WK100 Series

TB-WK100 Series
TB-WK100 Series

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TB-WK100 Series

No. Name Model No. Quantity Remark
1 handle TB-ZF04 1 optional
2 transmission box TB-CDQ14 1
3 lock plate TB-SZ17A 2
4 single cliumn locking block TB-CD26 2
5 friction stay TB-HB 2 specifications according to
window type
6 lifting block TB-TSK14 1 optional
7 lifting block TB-TSK27 1 optional
8 middle lock point TB-ZSZ01 1 optional
9 middle lock point TB-ZSZ02 1 optional
10 safety catcher TB-AQS01 1 optional

Configuration instruction:
1. This system is suitable for European standard 20 groove aluminum alloyprofiles.

2. High-rise building casement windows suggested adding safety catcher, largesize window suggested adding middle lock point.

3. Friction stay size should be chosen reffers to the window size or our friction stay instruction.

4. The above configuration is for reference only. For specific configuration, pleasecontact with our technical department.

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