Exploring Different Types of uPVC Friction Hinges

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In the world of fenestration, uPVC friction hinges play a crucial role in ensuring smooth and seamless operation of windows and doors. Friction hinges provide adjustable resistance to open and close movements, enhancing user experience and extending the lifespan of fenestration systems. This article explores different types of uPVC friction hinges, their advantages, and applications.

Top Hung Friction Hinges

Top hung friction hinges are mounted on the top frame of the window or door, allowing the sash to swing open at the bottom. They offer several advantages:

Easy Installation: Top hung friction hinges are simple to install and can be retrofitted to existing windows and doors.

Adjustable Tension: The friction mechanism allows for precise adjustment of the opening resistance, ensuring smooth operation.

Space Saving: By mounting on the top frame, top hung hinges save space and prevent obstruction of the view or airflow.

Back Hung Friction Hinges

Back hung friction hinges are installed on the back face of the sash, allowing the window or door to swing open from the top. They provide:

Concealed Operation: Back hung hinges hide the hinge mechanism from view, creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Improved Security: The inward opening motion prevents prying forces from easily dislodging the sash from the frame.

Controlled Ventilation: Back hung friction hinges allow for limited opening at the top, providing controlled ventilation while maintaining security.

Side Hung Friction Hinges

Side hung friction hinges are mounted on the side frame of the window or door, allowing the sash to swing open from the side. They offer:

Versatility: Side hung hinges are suitable for both inward and outward opening windows and doors.

Adjustable Friction: The adjustable friction mechanism allows for precise control of the opening force, accommodating different sash weights.

Improved Durability: Side hung friction hinges withstand higher loads compared to top or back hung hinges, making them suitable for heavy windows.

Friction Hinges for Special Applications

In addition to standard friction hinges, there are specialized types designed for unique applications:

Tilt and Turn Friction Hinges: These hinges combine friction and tilt-and-turn functionality, allowing the window to be tilted for ventilation or swung open fully.

Hidden Friction Hinges: Concealed friction hinges are designed for windows and doors with a minimalist aesthetic, hiding the hinge mechanism within the frame or glazing.

Fire-Rated Friction Hinges: Fire-rated hinges are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and prevent the spread of fire, making them suitable for safety applications.


uPVC friction hinges provide a wide range of options to meet the specific requirements of fenestration systems. By understanding the different types of hinges available, architects, fabricators, and homeowners can select the most appropriate solution for their project, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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