How to Clean and Lubricate Aluminum Window Hinges

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How to Clean and Lubricate Aluminum Window Hinges: Restore Smooth Operation to Your Windows

Windows are essential for allowing natural light and fresh air into our homes, but when their hinges become dirty or worn, they can make opening and closing them a chore. Fortunately, cleaning and lubricating aluminum window hinges is a relatively simple task that can be completed in a few minutes.

Materials You’ll Need:

Soft cloth

Mild dish soap

Soft brush or toothbrush

WD-40 or a similar lubricant


1. Clean the Hinges: Dip a soft cloth in a solution of mild dish soap and water. Wring out the cloth and gently wipe down the exterior of the hinges, removing any dirt, grime, or corrosion. Use a soft brush or toothbrush to dislodge any stubborn debris.

2. Rinse and Dry: Once the hinges are clean, rinse them thoroughly with clean water and dry them with a clean cloth.

3. Lubricate the Hinges: Apply a few drops of WD-40 or a similar lubricant to the moving parts of the hinges. Use a cotton swab or a toothpick to distribute the lubricant evenly.

4. Wipe Away Excess: Use a clean cloth to wipe away any excess lubricant.

5. Test the Hinges: Open and close the window several times to test the smoothness of the operation. If the hinges are still stiff or squeaky, you may need to apply more lubricant.


Clean and lubricate your aluminum window hinges on a regular basis, such as once a year, to prevent them from becoming stiff or squeaky.

If the hinges are severely rusted or corroded, you may need to replace them.

For maximum effectiveness, use a lubricant specifically designed for metal hinges.

Do not over-lubricate the hinges, as this can attract dirt and debris.

Benefits of Clean and Lubricated Aluminum Window Hinges:

Smooth and effortless window operation

Reduced noise and squeaking

Prolonged hinge life

Improved energy efficiency by reducing air leaks

By following these simple steps, you can restore smooth operation to your aluminum window hinges and keep your windows functioning optimally for years to come.

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