How to Enhance Home Security with Quality UPVC External Door Handles

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  • 2024-05-23
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Home security is paramount in safeguarding your loved ones and belongings. External UPVC door handles play a crucial role in strengthening your home’s defense against unauthorized access. Here’s a comprehensive guide to enhancing home security with quality UPVC external door handles.

Choosing the Right Handle Material

UPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is a durable and lightweight material that is resistant to corrosion, weathering, and impact. Its inherent strength makes it an ideal choice for external door handles. Consider choosing handles that are manufactured from high-grade UPVC to ensure longevity and durability.

Anti-Drilling Protection

Drilling attacks are a common way for burglars to bypass locks. Quality UPVC door handles incorporate anti-drilling features to deter such attempts. Opt for handles that are reinforced with hardened steel inserts or anti-snap technology, making them virtually impossible to drill through and safeguarding your home against forced entry.

Key-Operated Locking Mechanisms

Traditional lever-operated handles can be easily bypassed using lock bumping techniques. To enhance security, consider installing external door handles with key-operated locking mechanisms. This added layer of protection prevents unauthorized access, even if the lock is compromised.

Escutcheon Plates

Escutcheon plates, also known as backplates, are the metal plates that surround the keyhole. Choose door handles with large, robust escutcheon plates that cover the keyhole and protect it from drilling or tampering. This prevents potential attackers from manipulating the lock or accessing the keyhole with tools.

Multi-Point Locking Systems

Multi-point locking systems provide superior security by engaging multiple locking points around the door frame. By incorporating a multi-point locking system with your external door handle, you create a stronger barrier against forced entry, preventing the door from being levered or pried open.

Hidden Fixings

Visible screws or fixings can provide an easy entry point for burglars to remove the door handle and gain access. Choose door handles with hidden fixings that are concealed beneath the escutcheon plate. This makes it virtually impossible to remove the handle without the key, eliminating a potential security vulnerability.

Professional Installation

Proper installation is essential for the effectiveness of external door handles. Ensure that your door handles are installed by a qualified locksmith or contractor who has experience working with UPVC doors. Correct alignment and secure fixing are crucial to maintaining the handle’s strength and preventing any potential weak points that could be exploited by intruders.


Enhancing home security with quality UPVC external door handles is a crucial step towards safeguarding your home and ensuring peace of mind. By choosing handles with anti-drilling protection, key-operated locking mechanisms, and multi-point locking systems, you can greatly reduce the risk of unauthorized access and protect your family and belongings from potential threats. Remember, professional installation is key to maximizing the effectiveness of your door handles and creating a secure and impenetrable barrier for your home.

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