Matching UPVC Casement Window Handles with Different Window Styles

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Matching UPVC Casement Window Handles with Different Window Styles: A Cohesive Symphony of Design

In the realm of architecture and interior decoration, every detail counts. From the intricate carvings on a grand staircase to the delicate hues of a living room sofa, each element contributes to the overall aesthetic harmony of a space. In this regard, the selection of window handles may seem like a minor consideration, yet their significance extends far beyond mere functionality.

UPVC casement windows, with their versatile designs and exceptional durability, have become a popular choice in modern homes and commercial buildings alike. The choice of handle not only ensures smooth operation but also complements the overall architectural style and décor of the space.

Traditional Charm: Georgian and Victorian Windows

For Georgian and Victorian windows, characterized by their classic symmetry and ornate details, traditional UPVC casement window handles evoke a sense of timeless elegance. These handles typically feature intricate designs, such as fleur-de-lis or scrollwork, that mirror the architectural elements of the home. They come in a variety of finishes, including antique brass, polished chrome, and gold, allowing for a seamless integration with the window’s aesthetic.

Contemporary Chic: Modern Windows

Sleek and minimalist, modern windows call for window handles that reflect their contemporary appeal. Contemporary UPVC casement window handles come in clean, geometric shapes and a range of finishes, such as brushed aluminum, matte black, and white. Their simple yet sophisticated designs lend a touch of modernity to any space, complementing the sharp lines and open floor plans of modern architecture.

Rustic Allure: Country and Cottage Windows

Country and cottage windows exude a cozy and inviting atmosphere, and their window handles should reflect this rustic charm. Opt for UPVC casement window handles with natural or distressed finishes, such as oiled bronze, copper, or weathered wood. These handles add warmth and character to the space, evoking the nostalgia of country living.

Casement Window Handle Options

UPVC casement window handles come in various designs, including:

Espagnolette: A long handle that runs the length of the window, providing secure locking and opening

Monkey Tail: A traditional handle with a long, curved design that resembles a monkey’s tail

Cranked: An angled handle that allows for easy opening and closing, even in tight spaces

Tear Drop: A stylish and modern handle with a teardrop-shaped design


Matching UPVC casement window handles with different window styles is an art form that requires an eye for detail and an understanding of architectural harmony. By carefully selecting handles that complement the aesthetic of the windows and the overall design of the space, homeowners and designers can create a cohesive symphony of beauty and functionality that will elevate the ambience of any room.

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