PVC Window Handles for Specialty Windows- From Casement to Sliding

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Introducing PVC Window Handles for Specialty Windows: From Casement to Sliding, a comprehensive guide to understanding the types and functionality of PVC window handles designed for various specialty window styles. This article explores the specific features and applications of PVC window handles, providing valuable insights for homeowners, builders, and window installers.

Casement Window Handles

Casement windows are hinged at one side and swing open like a door, allowing for excellent ventilation and unobstructed views. PVC window handles for casement windows come in different designs, including crank handles, lever handles, and tilt latches.

Crank Handles

Crank handles are operated by turning a lever that opens and closes the window effortlessly. They provide a convenient and ergonomic way to handle large or heavy casement windows.

Lever Handles

Lever handles feature a simple and stylish design that allows for easy opening and closing of the window by lifting or pushing the handle. They are a popular choice for smaller casement windows and offer a clean and modern aesthetic.

Tilt Latches

Tilt latches are specifically designed for casement windows that can be tilted inward for ventilation. They allow for the window to be opened slightly at the top, providing fresh air without sacrificing security.

Sliding Window Handles

Sliding windows move horizontally along a track, offering a space-saving and versatile solution. PVC window handles for sliding windows are designed to provide smooth and effortless operation.

Center Lift Handles

Center lift handles are located in the center of the window sash and are lifted up to operate the window. They are ideal for large or tall sliding windows and provide a comfortable and easy grip.

Push Lock Handles

Push lock handles feature a button or lever that is pushed to unlock the window. They offer increased security and are commonly used in areas where additional protection is desired.

Tilt & Slide Handles

Tilt & slide handles allow the window to be tilted inward for ventilation and slid horizontally for full opening. They provide maximum functionality and are a versatile choice for rooms that require both air circulation and a wide opening.


PVC Window Handles for Specialty Windows: From Casement to Sliding provide homeowners, builders, and window installers with a comprehensive understanding of the types and applications of PVC window handles designed for various specialty window styles. By choosing the appropriate handle, homeowners can enjoy enhanced functionality, increased security, and a seamless aesthetic integration with their specialty windows.

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