Security Features to Consider When Choosing Window Handles

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  • 2024-06-27
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Window handles are an often-overlooked security feature of your home, but they can play a vital role in deterring burglars and keeping your family safe. When choosing new window handles, there are several important security features to keep in mind.


The material of the window handle is an important factor to consider. Metal handles are more durable and difficult to break than plastic handles, making them a better choice for security. Some of the most common metal materials used for window handles include steel, aluminum, and brass.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism of the window handle is another important security feature. There are two main types of locking mechanisms: keyed locks and latch locks. Keyed locks require a key to operate, while latch locks can be opened and closed with a simple turn or push. Keyed locks are more secure than latch locks, but they can also be more inconvenient to use.


The finish of the window handle can also affect its security. A smooth, glossy finish is less likely to snag on clothing or other objects, making it harder for a burglar to gain entry through the window. A textured finish, on the other hand, can provide a better grip for someone trying to open the window from the outside.


The way the window handle is installed can also affect its security. A poorly installed window handle can be easily removed or broken, creating a security risk. When installing a window handle, it is important to use the correct screws and to tighten them securely.

Other Features

In addition to the features listed above, there are a number of other security features that you may want to consider when choosing window handles. These features include:

Tamper-proof screws: These screws are designed to prevent burglars from removing the window handle without the proper tools.

Security pins: These pins help to keep the window handle in place and prevent it from being pulled out.

Reinforced plates: These plates help to strengthen the window frame around the handle, making it more difficult to break through.

By considering these security features when choosing window handles, you can help to make your home more secure and protect your family.

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