The Best Brands for UPVC External Door Handles in 2024

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  • 2024-05-21
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In the realm of home improvement, choosing the right external door handles is crucial for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. For UPVC doors, specifically, selecting the best brands ensures durability, security, and a seamless user experience. As we approach 2024, let’s explore the top brands that will dominate the market for external door handles for UPVC doors.

Brands Redefining Excellence

1. Yale

Yale, a renowned name in the industry, sets the benchmark for quality and security. Their UPVC external door handles are crafted from premium materials like stainless steel and brass, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion. The advanced locking mechanisms offer exceptional protection against unauthorized entry, providing homeowners with peace of mind.

2. Avocet

Avocet’s commitment to innovation has made it a leader in the door handle market. Their UPVC external door handles feature patented technologies like anti-snap and anti-bump cylinders, safeguarding against common break-in methods. Moreover, the sleek designs complement any home décor, making them both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Hoppe

For those seeking a combination of functionality and style, Hoppe is an exceptional choice. Their UPVC external door handles are available in a wide array of finishes, from classic black to polished chrome, allowing homeowners to customize the look of their doors. The handles are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and smooth operation.

4. Fuhr

Fuhr’s UPVC external door handles epitomize German precision and craftsmanship. They are meticulously engineered to withstand the elements, ensuring unwavering performance even in harsh weather conditions. The handles’ sturdy construction and attention to detail guarantee years of reliable use.

Key Features and Considerations

1. Durability and Corrosion Resistance

UPVC external door handles must withstand exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures, and UV radiation. The best brands use high-quality materials like stainless steel, brass, or powder-coated aluminum to ensure durability and corrosion resistance.

2. Security Features

Security is paramount for external door handles. Look for brands that incorporate anti-snap and anti-bump cylinders, multi-point locking systems, and concealed fixings to thwart potential intruders.

3. Style and Ergonomics

UPVC external door handles should complement the aesthetics of the home while providing a comfortable grip. Consider the available finishes, shapes, and sizes to find handles that match your style preferences and ensure easy operation.

4. After-Sales Support

When choosing a brand for UPVC external door handles, consider the level of after-sales support they offer. Reputable brands provide comprehensive warranties, ensuring peace of mind and prompt assistance in case of any issues.


Choosing the best brands for UPVC external door handles in 2024 is essential for homeowners seeking a combination of durability, security, style, and reliability. By considering the key factors discussed above, you can make an informed decision and enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior.

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