The Best uPVC External Door Handles for Different Design Styles

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  • 2024-05-29
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In the realm of home aesthetics, the external door handle serves as the captivating introduction to your abode. uPVC doors offer a world of versatility and style, allowing you to elevate the curb appeal of your home while ensuring durability and weather resistance. Whether you envision a modern masterpiece, a traditional haven, or anything in between, the choice of external door handle will play a pivotal role in realizing your design aspirations.

Modern Marvels

For contemporary homes, clean lines and sleek silhouettes reign supreme. Opt for handles featuring geometric forms, such as square or rectangular rosettes, and brushed metal finishes that exude an air of sophistication. Handles with concealed fixings further enhance the minimalist aesthetic, creating a seamless transition between your exterior and interior spaces.

Timeless Elegance

Traditional designs find solace in the charm of scrolled handles and ornate detailing that evokes a sense of grandeur. Solid brass or polished chrome finishes evoke a touch of bygone eras, while arched rosettes add a touch of classic elegance. Consider lever handles with a gentle curve or pull handles with scrollwork accents to complete the look.

Rustic Retreats

Rustic decor embraces the warmth and authenticity of natural elements. Cast iron handles with a distressed finish or patina recall the allure of an aged farmhouse. Opt for handles adorned with wood or stone-like textures to enhance the connection to nature. Choose hues such as antique black or bronze to complement the earthy tones of rustic exteriors.

Coastal Serenity

Coastal homes evoke a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Select handles featuring curved lines, reminiscent of gentle waves, and finishes that mimic the hues of the ocean. Polished nickel or brushed copper finishes bring a touch of coastal glamour, while rope-style handles add a nautical flair. For a more rustic touch, opt for handles with a distressed finish or weathered patina.

Mediterranean Charm

Mediterranean architecture is renowned for its vibrant colors and intricate details. Choose handles with ornate scrolls and decorative rosettes that add a touch of Old World charm. Terracotta-colored finishes evoke the warm hues of sun-kissed Mediterranean towns, while antique brass or gold accents lend an air of opulence.

Choosing the Right Handle

The key to selecting the perfect external door handle lies in considering the overall style of your home, the material of your door, and your personal aesthetic preferences. Always ensure the handle is weather-resistant and offers a comfortable grip. By carefully choosing a handle that complements your design vision, you will transform your uPVC external door into a statement piece that enhances the beauty and character of your home.

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