The Science Behind Double Glazed Door Handles

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  • 2024-05-29
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Double glazed door handles are a common sight in modern homes and businesses. They are designed to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency, as they provide an extra layer of insulation between the interior and exterior of a building. But how do they work?

Thermal Insulation

The key to understanding how double glazed door handles work lies in their unique construction. They feature two panes of glass, with a vacuum or gas-filled space between them. This space acts as a thermal barrier, effectively preventing heat transfer between the inside and outside of a building.

Convection Suppression

Double glazed door handles also work by suppressing convection currents. Convection is the transfer of heat through the movement of a fluid, such as air. In a single glazed door, warm air from the interior can rise and escape through the gap between the door and the frame, while cold air from the outside can enter. Double glazed door handles eliminate this gap, preventing convection currents and reducing heat loss.

Radiation Reduction

In addition to thermal insulation and convection suppression, double glazed door handles also help to reduce heat loss through radiation. All objects emit infrared radiation, and this radiation can carry heat away from a building. Double glazed door handles have a low-emissivity coating that reflects infrared radiation back into the building, reducing heat loss.

Other Advantages

Beyond their energy-saving capabilities, double glazed door handles offer a number of other advantages. They are more durable than single glazed handles, as they are less susceptible to breakage. They also provide better sound insulation, as they can block out noise from outside. Additionally, they can enhance the aesthetics of a building, as they come in a variety of styles and finishes.


Double glazed door handles are a valuable addition to any home or business. They provide superior thermal insulation, reduce heat loss, and improve energy efficiency. They also offer a number of other advantages, including increased durability, sound insulation, and aesthetic appeal. By understanding the science behind double glazed door handles, you can make an informed decision about whether they are right for your needs.

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