The Security Features of UPVC External Door Handles

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  • 2024-06-05
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In the realm of home security, the unsung heroes are often the mundane yet essential components that stand as a formidable defense against unwanted entry. Among these, UPVC external door handles reign supreme, offering an array of innovative features that keep your castle impenetrable.

Anti-Bump and Anti-Snap Cylinders

These ingenious mechanisms safeguard your home by thwarting the two most common methods of forceful entry: bumping and snapping. Anti-bump cylinders feature a specially designed locking mechanism that prevents the use of skeleton keys to manipulate the lock, while anti-snap cylinders employ a reinforced cylinder that resists attempts to snap it in half.

Reinforced Backplates

The backplates of UPVC door handles act as a protective shield behind the lock, preventing attackers from prying the handle off the door and gaining access. Reinforced backplates are made of sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum, offering an added layer of resistance against forced entry.

High-Security Escutcheons

Escutcheons are the decorative plates that surround the keyhole. High-security escutcheons feature a drill-resistant design that prevents attackers from drilling through the escutcheon to bypass the lock’s mechanisms.

Concealed Fixing Screws

Conventional door handles often have exposed fixing screws that can be easily unscrewed, allowing the handle to be removed without damaging the door. However, UPVC door handles with concealed fixing screws provide an extra level of security by ensuring that the screws cannot be accessed from the outside.

Smart Integration

With the advent of smart home technology, UPVC external door handles have evolved to include smart features that enhance convenience and security. These handles can be integrated with smart door locks, allowing you to control access remotely, receive notifications of attempted entry, and even lock the door automatically.


The security features of UPVC external door handles are a testament to the importance of choosing the right hardware for your home. By incorporating these innovative technologies into your door handles, you effectively fortify your home’s entrance against unauthorized entry, giving you peace of mind and an impenetrable sanctuary. As the guardians of your castle, UPVC external door handles stand ready to repel any attempt to invade your home’s security.

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