The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Friction Stay Window Hinges

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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Friction Stay Window Hinges

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of choosing friction stay window hinges, unraveling their mechanisms and aiding you in making informed decisions for your window projects.

Hinge Mechanisms

Friction stay hinges operate on the principle of friction, which resists the movement of the hinge when the window is opened or closed. This friction is generated by a set of clutch plates that interlock when pressure is applied, preventing the window from swinging open or shut uncontrollably. Hinges come in two main types:

Single-friction hinges: Exert friction in one direction, allowing the window to be opened or closed with a gentle push.

Double-friction hinges: Provide friction in both directions, creating a more secure lock.

Window Size and Weight

Hinge selection depends heavily on the size and weight of the window.

Small windows (up to 20 lbs): Single-friction hinges provide sufficient support.

Medium windows (20-40 lbs): Double-friction hinges are recommended for increased stability.

Large windows (over 40 lbs): Requires heavy-duty double-friction hinges with additional support brackets.

Opening Angles and Limitations

Friction stay hinges offer various opening angles to accommodate different window designs:

Standard hinges: Open to a maximum of 90 degrees, ideal for casement windows.

Expanded hinges: Open beyond 90 degrees, enabling wider ventilation.

Lift-off hinges: Allow the window to be lifted out of the frame, facilitating cleaning or emergency exits.

Aesthetic Considerations

Hinges come in a range of finishes and materials:

Stainless steel: Durable, corrosion-resistant, and available in various polished or brushed finishes.

Brass: Adds a touch of elegance and comes in different patinas, including antique and polished brass.

Aluminum: Lightweight and affordable, available in a wide color palette.

Additional Features

Modern friction stay hinges offer advanced features:

Hold-open mechanisms: Keep windows in a partially open position without the need for props.

Safety locks: Prevent accidental opening or closing, especially in high-traffic areas.

Adjustable friction: Allows for fine-tuning of the hinge’s resistance, ensuring optimal window operation.


Choosing the right friction stay window hinges is crucial for window functionality and aesthetics. By understanding the hinge mechanisms, considering window specifications, and exploring additional features, you can make informed decisions and ensure the smooth and secure operation of your windows for years to come.

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