How to Choose Door and Window Hardware Accessories

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  • 2023-06-05
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As we all know, the raw materials for making doors and windows are divided into many kinds, such as aluminum alloy profiles, stainless steel plates, color steel, etc. Different materials have different door and window hardware accessories, but some manufacturers do not do that, but Does not match. For the wooden door below, I mainly master the selection method of the door and window hardware accessories.


Because the fusion of the door and the door frame is in the middle of the furniture panels, the noise reaches about 120 decibels when the store is closed, which seriously affects the health of the people. The high-toughness sealing strip is used, which does not react with the paint, ensuring the gloss of the car paint in contact with it. And it also has the characteristics of shock absorption, noise elimination, sealing, sound insulation and noise reduction, and waterproof.

Door Hinge

Applied to casement doors and windows. Customers can observe the material of the door hinge when purchasing. It is made of copper, iron-plated copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy extruded materials, etc. Do not use door hinges made of zinc alloy.


It is advisable to require a trident hinge with the characteristics of high hardness, strong load capacity, convenient disassembly, flexible opening and closing, and noise reduction.

Sliding Stay

Bear the weight of each sliding door and window, and move horizontally. When purchasing, customers should pay attention to the material of the roller frame and whether the rollers use cylindrical roller bearings or rolling bearings. The rollers for sliding doors should be super heavy-duty door rollers, and do not use sliding door rollers instead.

Hold Son

Applied to casement window manufacturers. The main function is to clamp the window on the window when the casement window is closed to achieve the effect of sealing. When buying, consumers should pay special attention to observing that the surface is smooth, without burrs, with a sense of weight in the hand, and that the coating surface is even.

Half Moon Lock

Most of them are hook locks between fans. Consumers should choose to make it with stainless steel plate or aluminum alloy profile. In response to supporting facilities for aluminum profiles, products of different materials also give the market multiple choices due to their price differences.

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