Why did you choose us as a partner?
High quality products: We are proud of our high quality, reliability, and durability. Our products comply with international standards and undergo strict quality control.
Rich product line: We provide a variety of products to meet the needs of different customers. We have suitable hardware accessories for both traditional styles and modern designs.
Customer satisfaction: Customers are our most important asset. We have always been customer-centric and provide excellent pre-sales and after-sales services, winning the trust of many loyal customers.
Market opportunity: The door and window hardware market has enormous potential and is constantly growing. Collaborate with us and you will share the opportunities brought by this growing market.
Opportunities for partners
We are looking for various partners, including but not limited to
Distribution partners: Help us expand our product sales channels and introduce our products into new markets.
OEM/ODM Partner: Collaborate with us to develop unique door and window hardware products and provide solutions based on customer customization needs.
Project partner: Collaborate with us to participate in door and window hardware projects, and jointly provide customers with perfect solutions.
Technical partners: Explore new technologies and innovations to jointly promote the development of the door and window hardware industry.
Why did you choose to become our partner?
Strong support: We will provide comprehensive support to our partners, including training, marketing, and technical support.
Common Growth: We believe that cooperation is win-win, and we look forward to achieving win-win and common development with our partners.
Flexible cooperation methods: We are willing to develop cooperation plans based on the needs of our partners to meet different cooperation needs.
If you are interested in collaborating with us or would like to know more details, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to your joining us to explore the unlimited potential of the door and window hardware industry and create more business opportunities and success stories together.



    Through market research, online and technical department data information, based on data information from each end customer and business, using big data analysis and data acquisition methods, we help dealers achieve product updates, market demand, and end customer service experience improvement measures.


    Tianbian has over 30 years of production and technical support, and more than 20 people in the technical department provide online and offline technical support


    Tianbian has a professional business consulting team of over 50 people to provide online and offline service support, including product performance explanations, technical feedback transmission, installation and usage explanations, and powerful transportation logistics services

Your overall business operations partner

Your overall business operations partner, including:

1. Familiar with Tianbian products and services.

2. Updates on new promotions, programs, events and opportunities.

3. Resources to help with inventory planning.

4. Promote the cooperation plan between both parties.


With the growth of customs business, you can benefit from connecting with a large global enterprise. This provides you with the freedom to act as an independent distributor while maintaining the support of professional company partners. This is because each Tanbian dealer has a dedicated team responsible for daily operations, product issues, or long-term business
Join the Tianbian dealer team
Your overall business operations partners include:
Familiar with Tianbian products and services
Update on new promotions, plans, events, and opportunities
Resources that help develop inventory plans
Promote cooperation plans between both parties


Knowledge is an important component of our business. That’s why Tianbian provides valuable dealer training, starting from the beginning, by focusing on the introduction of our latest equipment and developing plans for today’s market dynamics, as well as conducting face-to-face training for customers worldwide, to further prepare you and your sales team to enter the market with confidence and competitiveness. Your market. We also provide continuous training to enable you to adapt to various flexible forms, including face-to-face, on-site testing in testing workshops, and online meetings, including:


To delivery better consistent quality service to the clients on time, which leads a further long-term strategic business partnership among the clients, Tianbian dealers and Tianbian. We provide our dealers the following necessary technical trainings by products:

  • Field Preparation Training
  • Installation & Testing training
  • Machine Operation Training
  • Routine & Prevention Training
  • Maintenance & Troubleshoot Training


For the purpose of precise technical input from the needs of individual client’s projects, as well as a better understanding of Tianbian products, pricing and order handling by your team, Tianbian offers professional sales training as follows:

  • Detailed product Training
  • Request Analysis Training
  • ROI Analysis Training
  • Quotation Proposal Training
  • Pricing and Sales Agreement Training
  • Order Management Training


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