Window Handles

In daily life, we often need to open and close windows from the inside, making durable, corrosion-resistant, and secure window handles particularly important. UPVC window handles and aluminum window handles are the two most commonly used types.

UPVC window handles are primarily used for windows with UPVC frames, whether they have single or double glazing. However, they are also suitable for windows with wooden or metal frames. Among them, UPVC double-glazed window handles are the most universally used types, which include Espagnolette handles, Cockspur handles, tilt and turn window handles, spade or blade window handles, and forked window handles.

Aluminum window handles are a type of window hardware specifically designed for windows with aluminum frames. They come in various styles and types, including crank handles, lever handles, and sliding handles. The choice of aluminum window handle type often depends on the type of aluminum window, such as casement windows, sliding windows, awning windows, or louvers.

Tianbian can manufacture various UPVC window handles and aluminum window handles with different designs and styles according to customer preferences and requirements. These handles are available in black, white, and other colors for user selection. Additionally, our window handles are durable, meet safety standards, and are easy to replace, making them the ideal choice for construction projects.

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