Door Handles

When entering and exiting places such as homes and offices, it is necessary to frequently open and close doors from both the inside and outside. Therefore, having door handles that can be used repeatedly over the long term and are secure is very important. Among these, UPVC door handles and aluminum door handles are the two most commonly used types.

UPVC door handles are typically installed on double-glazed doors with UPVC frames and are a perfect choice for residential properties. Therefore, we can also refer to door handles for upvc doors as patio door handles, conservatory door handles, and the like. Furthermore, double-glazed door handles are used in conjunction with multi-point locking systems to ensure the security and reliability of homes.

The manufacturing and installation mechanisms of aluminum door handles are carefully designed to fit the contours and structures of aluminum doors and are used as part of a set with locks. Due to their corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant characteristics, aluminium handles for doors are more widely used in commercial applications.

Tianbian offers a variety of styles and designs for UPVC door handles and aluminum door handles, available in black, white, and other colors for users to choose from, ensuring they complement the aesthetics and functionality of the doors. Furthermore, all door handles provide a comfortable grip and smooth door operation for users. However, it’s important to note that when replacing UPVC door handles or aluminum door handles, choosing the correct size is essential.

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