Window Handle: A Complete Guide from Purchase to Use

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Window handles are an important part of the window. They not only provide the function of operating the window, but also add to the beauty and overall decorative effect of the window.

Window handles come in a variety of types, materials, and designs. Each type (sliding window handle, pivoting window handle, pull window handle, etc.) has a specific purpose and suitable window style. Different materials (aluminum, stainless steel, UPVC, etc.) and designs (classic, modern, industrial style, etc.) can also meet the decoration needs of different styles.

Taking into account the type of window, opening method, and decorative style, you can better choose the appropriate window handle to improve the practicality and beauty of the window.

This comprehensive guide will take you through all the information about window handles from purchase to use, including how to choose window handles, how to install window handles, and how to maintain window handles, helping you better understand and use this important part of the window.

Types of Window Handles

Window handles are a common component of windows. They are not only devices for opening and closing windows, but also have certain decorative functions.

There are various types of window handles depending on the type of window and functional requirements. Below, we’ll take a look at several common window handle types and their characteristics.

Sliding Window Handles

Sliding window handles are used to operate windows by pushing and pulling. It is easier to use and more convenient than other kinds of window handles.

With its straightforward design, this kind of window handle can be used on a variety of sliding windows, such as hanging and sliding windows. They also offer great flexibility because they can be tailored to match the size and style of the window.

The most common materials for sliding window handles are plastic or metal, and they are quite stable and durable. Plastic window handles are lighter and simpler to use, while metal window handles are typically more robust.

Rotating Window Handles

Handles designed to be used with rotating windows, such as casement or sash windows, are called rotating window handles. Their function is to rotate the window to control their opening and closing. They are typically shaped like a knob or handle.

One benefit of having a rotating window handle is that it’s simple to use. The opening and closing motions are simpler and more seamless thanks to the knob design. Simply rotating the handle allows users to open or close the window with minimal effort.

Most of the kinds of rotating window handles are made of plastic or metal, and they are stable and durable enough to withstand long-term use.

Pull-Style Window Handles

Pull-style window handles are usually found on larger or heavier windows. The window is opened or closed by pulling the mechanism, which is shaped like a pull rod or pull ring. This design is more user-friendly and appropriate for windows that need more force to open or close.

Typically, this kind of window handle is constructed of metal to guarantee its steadiness and longevity. Because metal window handles are durable and resistant to wear and deformation, they guarantee the stability and safety of the window even under extreme opening and shutting pressures.

Folding Window Handles

A folding window handle is a handle used to control the opening and closing of folding windows. The folding window handle is simple in design and easy to operate, allowing users to open or close the window easily.

Moreover, folding window handles are usually made of durable metal (aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, etc.) or plastic materials (PP, PE, UPVC, etc.), which have good durability and stability.

What is very attractive is that the folding window handle has a stylish and beautiful design that can match various interior decoration styles and is both practical and decorative.

folding window handles

Materials of Window Handles

Window handles are made from a wide variety of materials (metal, plastic, wood, etc.), and different materials have different characteristics and uses. Below, we’ll introduce several window handle materials and their characteristics.

Metal Materials

Metal is a common window handle material that provides strength and durability to a variety of window types. Below we introduce three commonly used metal materials:

Aluminum: This metal is lightweight but very strong and durable. This is one of the reasons why aluminum alloy window handles are so popular in the market. Moreover, aluminum alloy can be easily designed into various forms (straight, arc, curve, pattern, etc.) to adapt to various window styles and design requirements.

Surface treatment methods (such as anodizing, spraying, electrophoresis, etc.) can also be used to improve the appearance and texture of aluminum alloy window handles, which can also improve their surface hardness and wear resistance.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is known for its excellent corrosion resistance. It is not prone to rust or corrosion. At the same time, stainless steel also has high strength and hardness and is not easily deformed or damaged.

In addition to being available in glossy or matte finishes, stainless steel window handles can also be painted or stained to suit specific needs.

Copper: Copper is widely recognized as an aesthetically pleasing material due to its unique look and feel. It is reddish brown in color and has a bright metallic luster. After processing and polishing, the surface becomes smoother and more delicate. This also makes copper window handles often used on windows of classical or ornate design.

Although copper window handles have good performance and decorative effects, due to their higher cost, they are generally used for high-end decoration or windows with special needs.

Plastic Materials

Plastic window handles can be made from a variety of plastic materials, including but not limited to the following:

Polypropylene (PP): PP is a common plastic material that offers good durability and impact resistance and is often used to make simple window handles. Moreover, it has the advantages of being lightweight and relatively cheap.

Polyethylene (PE): PE is another common plastic material that offers good durability and flexibility. It is suitable for making some window handles that require elasticity, such as push-type window handles.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): PVC is a plastic material with good weather and corrosion resistance that is often used to make window handles for outdoor windows. The surface of PVC window handles is usually specially treated to have a certain degree of waterproofness and wear resistance.

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC): UPVC is a plastic material commonly used to make window handles and has excellent thermal insulation properties, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance.

Wood Materials

Wood window handles can be made from a variety of wood materials (such as oak, pine, birch, walnut, etc.), the most common ones are the following:

Oak: Excellent wear resistance and stability make oak a robust and durable wood that can be used to create high-quality window handles. Best of all, oak has a distinct texture, a richer hue, and a nice aesthetic impact.

Pine: Pine is a lightweight wood, which means it can be easily shaped into many different shapes. This makes it a good choice for window handles in the minimalist style. Pine wood has a natural charm due to its lighter hue and clean texture.

Birch: Birch is a good material for detailed window handles because of its smooth, even grain. The reason why birch is frequently used for window handles that need to be carefully painted or carved is its lighter hue.

Walnut: Walnut is a hard, dense, delicate wood. It is often used to make window handles in traditional or ornate styles. In addition, walnut also has a natural luster, after proper polishing and polishing treatment, can show a unique texture and visual effects, adding texture and quality to the window.

Glass Materials

Because glass is breakable and brittle, it is not a common material for window handles and is not appropriate for use as a window operating component.

Tempered glass, however, can be used for window handles in certain unique circumstances. Though not as widespread as materials made of metal or plastic, this form of glass is relatively unbreakable because of its great strength and resistance to abrasion.

Therefore, when choosing a window handle material, glass is not the first choice, instead it is recommended to choose metal or plastic materials with good strength and durability.

Window Handle Design Style

Window handles can be designed in a variety of styles, from modern minimalist to classic retro to industrial, and can even be custom designed. This allows them to meet the aesthetic needs and functional requirements of different people.

Below, we’ll look at the characteristics of various window handle design styles:

Modern Minimalist Style

In recent years, modern minimalist style window handles have become more and more popular. They often feature straight lines or simple geometric shapes, and have a smooth and detailed surface finish.

Window handles in this design style focus on practicality and functionality. At the same time, their simple and clean appearance can also be integrated with modern interior design styles.

Modern minimalist style window handles are also usually made of high-quality materials, with good durability and texture. For example, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metal materials, and some are made of plastic and other materials.

Classic Retro Style

Classic retro style window handles are often beautifully designed, and full of art and history. Common design elements (including patterns, curves, and other intricate embellishments) can give people a sense of nostalgia and romance.

This style of window handle is usually made of copper, brass, and other metal materials, and the surface is finely carved or antiqued, which shows a retro texture and elegant shape.

Classic retro style window handles are suitable for traditional or nostalgic interior decoration, adding a sense of history and culture to the space.

Industrial Style

Industrial style window handles are typically made of robust and long-lasting metal materials (such as iron, aluminum alloy, or stainless steel) and have a straightforward and practical design. It’s possible that the surface has been roughened or retains its native metal roughness.

In order to demonstrate functionality and practicality while showcasing the distinctive original beauty of industrial style, window handles in this design style frequently employ straight lines and basic geometric shapes.

Industrial window handles give a room a strong, earthy feel and go well with industrial or primitive interior design themes.

Custom Design

Custom designed window handles can be customized according to personal preferences and needs, shape (round, square, oval, etc.), material (metal, wood, glass, etc.), color (black and white color matching, bright color matching, etc.), etc. All aspects can be designed according to customer requirements.

This allows the window handle to be customized into a unique style according to the overall decoration style of the room to highlight personalization and creativity.

custom design window handle

Application Occasions of Window Handles

According to different applications and needs, the design and material of window handles also have their own characteristics. Below we mainly introduce the application occasions of window handles in homes and businesses:

Home Applications

As an important part of the window, the window handle plays a vital role in the home. In the home, window handles have a variety of applications and are suitable for different rooms and window types.


Bedroom window handles typically feature straightforward, useful designs that are simple to use and maintain, guaranteeing optimal brightness and ventilation.

To preserve the bedroom’s general feeling of refreshment, choose for sturdy materials (such as stainless steel or aluminum alloy) and simple, rounded shapes and lines.

Living Room

One of the most significant public areas in the home is the living room, and the comfort and attractiveness of the space can be greatly influenced by the style of the window handles.

Living room window handle designs typically prioritize both functionality and aesthetics. Styles and materials that complement the interior decor style are your choices.

For instance, to create a classic and exquisite ambiance, a traditional style living room can use copper or bronze window handles, while a modern minimalist living room can choose simple and smooth metal window handles.


The family’s kitchen is a particular place, therefore it’s important to think about how water vapor and oil odors may affect window handles. In order to ensure long-term use, kitchen window handles are typically built of materials that are easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.

Common options include aluminum alloys, stainless steel, and other materials that can survive the rigors of the kitchen environment and have strong corrosion resistance.


Since the bathroom has a lot of moisture in it, window handles in the home should be corrosion and waterproof resistant. Typically, they are constructed from waterproof plastic or stainless steel to satisfy specific environmental requirements.

Stainless steel window handles are durable and resistant to corrosion. They can tolerate dampness and water vapor in the bathroom without losing their aesthetic or practical qualities.

PVC or engineering polymers, which have excellent waterproof performance, durability, and long-term condition maintenance, are typically used to create waterproof plastic materials.

Bathroom window handles should also be designed with comfort and non-slip properties in mind. In order to improve user safety and enable users to use in humid environments, surfaces are typically chosen for their anti-slip texture or ergonomic shapes.

Commercial Applications

Window handles also play an important role in commercial places. They must not only meet practical functions but also meet the needs of the commercial environment and decorative requirements.


Usually, simple and practical designs are chosen for office window handles. This means that window handles should be easy to operate, making them easy to open and close the window to quickly adjust indoor ventilation and lighting when needed.

In addition, window handles should also be designed with cleaning convenience in mind to keep the office tidy and hygienic. Generally speaking, durable materials such as stainless steel or aluminum alloy are better choices because they not only have good durability but are also easy to clean and maintain.


The design of hotel window handles usually focuses on aesthetics and quality. You can choose to make it from metal materials (stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, etc.) or wood material (oak, walnut, cherry wood, etc.) to enhance the overall hotel grade and comfort.

A good window handle can not only conform to the high-end positioning of the hotel, but also provide guests with a good user experience and enhance the hotel’s brand image.

Public Building

In public buildings such as libraries, museums and other places, the design of window handles requires more consideration to safety and practicality. Rugged, easy-to-operate designs are often chosen to ensure safety and comfort in public buildings.

This design can not only meet the needs of large-traffic people, but also provide good anti-theft and accidental injury functions to ensure the safety of public buildings.

Functionality of Window Handles

As an important part of the window, the functionality of the window handle is crucial to the safety, durability, and ease of operation of the window.

Enhancing Security

First of all, safety is one of the important considerations in the design of window handles, which is mainly reflected in two aspects: lock design and protective design.

On one hand, lock design is directly related to the security of windows. The lock design of the window handle should be simple and easy to use, and have high anti-pry and anti-tamper capabilities to ensure that the window can be firmly locked when it is closed to prevent illegal entry.

On the other hand, protective design is also one of the important functions of window handles. In order to prevent accidents, especially to prevent children from accidentally opening the window, some window handles are designed with special protective devices. This protects small children in the home from the dangers that windows may pose.


Secondly, the window’s service life will be impacted by the window handle’s lifespan. Therefore, when choosing a window handle, the material and manufacturing process should be taken into account.

The selection of material is one of the primary elements influencing the longevity of your window handle. Corrosion-resistant metal materials (such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, etc.) can be used to extend the service life of window handles. They are more resilient to oxidation and corrosion, which increases their durability.

Furthermore, advanced production techniques including surface treatment and connecting part strength design can also increase the longevity of window handles.

Operation Convenience

Finally, ease of operation is also an important aspect of window handle design, allowing users to easily open and close the window.

In addition, window handles should be designed with ergonomics in mind so that users can operate the window easily. Window handles should be shaped (such as round, oval, or a handle-like design) and sized (should be just right, not too big or too small) so that users can easily hold and turn them.

Manufacturing and Installation of Window Handles

The manufacture and installation of window handles are important aspects to ensure the quality and effectiveness of window handles. Below, we will introduce the steps and precautions for the manufacture and installation of window handles:

Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication is an important way to ensure that your window handle will fit your window perfectly. Since some windows are not standard sizes, window handles will need to be custom-made to fit the design and dimensions of your specific window.

First, custom fabrication ensures that the window handle will fit perfectly into the window’s mounting holes. This avoids problems with difficult installation or poor stability caused by size mismatch. Precise custom manufacturing ensures easier and more secure installation of window handles.

Secondly, custom manufacturing can also provide more personalized customization options for window handles based on the design style and material selection of the window. Users can choose window handles of different materials, colors and shapes according to their preferences and needs.

Standard Size

Some window handles can be produced in typical window sizes by following standard measurements. Because standard sized window handles are usually produced in large quantities, they are less expensive to make than personalized ones.

Standard size window handles are also adaptable and suitable for a range of window installations. Its standard dimension and mounting hole placements make installation simpler and quicker, no intricate personalization or adjustments are required.

Despite being a common size, there are still many various styles, materials, and colors available. Users can select what best suits their needs according to their preferences.

Installation Method

Window handles can be installed by homeowners themselves if they have the skills and expertise that are required. During the installation, you need to accurately measure the installation positions and hole positions of window handles to ensure stable installation.

One of the advantages of installing yourself is that you save on installation costs. Moreover, you can install window handles according to your needs and preferences. But be careful not to damage the windows and walls.

If you need to install a large number of window handles or are an owner who does not have installation skills, then it is recommended that you find a professional installer. Because professional installers have rich installation knowledge and skills, they can quickly and accurately install the window handle to ensure installation quality and safety.

The advantage of professional installation is that the installation quality can be guaranteed. But you need to pay a certain installation fee.

window handle installation method

Maintenance and Cleaning of Window Handles

Regular maintenance and cleaning of window handles can extend their service life and maintain good appearance and function. The following describes how to maintain and clean window handles:

Cleaning Materials and Methods

Different materials of the window handle need to use different cleaning methods to ensure the cleaning effect and protect the window handle material.

In general, metal window handles (such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy window handles) can be wiped with mild cleaners, wooden window handles (such as oak window handles) should use wood furniture special cleaners, and plastic window handles (such as UPVC window handles) should avoid using alcohol-based or solvent cleaners.

Common Questions and Solutions

Window handles may have some problems when using, below we introduce a few common problems, and provide solutions:

If you feel the window handle a little loose or unstable, it may be due to loose screws or worn screw holes. You can use a screwdriver to tighten or replace the screws. Be careful not to overtighten so as not to damage the screw or handle.

If the window handle is stuck, it may be because there is a foreign object between the handle and the window frame. You can remove dirt or foreign objects between the window handle and the window frame, and then try to reuse them.

If the window handle does not rotate properly, it may be due to damage or rust to the mechanical parts inside the handle. You can try using a lubricant to lubricate the internal mechanical parts of the handle. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the window handles.

Replacement and Repair

Because window handles are opened and closed frequently during daily use, window handle replacement and repair is a crucial part of keeping your windows operating properly.

To ensure your window handles function properly and last longer, regularly inspect their condition and clean their surfaces.

In order to prevent further harm to the window, any loose or damaged window handle should be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. To ensure safe and proper operation, it is advised to seek expert assistance if the window handle cannot be fixed or replaced.


​In short, window handles are not just functional accessories, they are also design elements that can enhance the overall look of your windows and living spaces.

Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist design or prefer a classic, vintage look, Tianbian has a wide range of window handles to suit every style and preference.

By choosing the right handle and proper maintenance, you can ensure that your window handles not only look great, but also function well for years to come. When choosing a window handle, consider the type, material, design and function of the window, and don’t forget to clean and maintain it regularly to extend its service life.

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